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Biological Lasers and Systems

Single cellular living lasers
Multi-functional bio-lasers
Bioinspired laser systems 
Biointegrated/ Plasmonic lasers 
Biological resonators & microsystems
Light-activated robotics
Molecular orientation and biophysics

Micro/Nanophotonics Devices

Intelligent Laser-Biochips  
Laser-based biosensing devices
Plasmonic resonance devices
Nanophotonic biosensors
Novel resonators and tiny lasers​
Nano-cavity quantum emitters
Optofluidic ring resonators


Laser-Emission Imaging and Biophotonics 

Advanced laser imaging system

Super-resolution imaging

DNA laser imaging

Cancer diagnostics with laser  

Neuro-imaging. Neurological diseases 

Image analysis and machine learning

Photonic neural networks


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