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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

(last update July, 2022, *corresponding author)  

70. Shang L. and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

69. Wang Z. and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

68. Yan Z. and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

67. Fang Guocheng and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

66. Nie Ningyuan, and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

65. Gong X, and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

64. Gong C, and Y.C. Chen*. (to be submitted)

63. Yuan Z, and Y.C. Chen*. under review

62. Gong C, and Y.C. Chen*. under review

61. Qiao Z, and Y.C. Chen*.  under review

60. Chan K.K, and Y.C. Chen*. Nano Letters

59. Wang Z, and Y.C. Chen*. Motor-like Microlasers Functioning in Biological Fluids. (2022) Lab on a Chip

58. Gong, C., Sun, F., Yang, G., Wang, C., Huang, C., and Y.C. Chen*. (2022) Multifunctional Laser Imaging of Cancer Cell Secretion with Hybrid Liquid Crystal Resonators. Laser & Photonics Reviews, 2100734.


57. Yuan, Z., Huang, S. H., Qiao, Z., Gong, C., Liao, Y., Kim, M.,and Y.C. Chen*. Direct Imaging of Weak‐to‐Strong‐Coupling Dynamics in Biological Plasmon–Exciton Systems. Laser & Photonics Reviews, 2200016.

56. Yang, X., Gong, C., Zhang, C., Wang, Y., Yan, G. F., Wei, L., Y.C. Chen, Gong, Y. (2022). Fiber optofluidic microlasers: structures, characteristics, and applications. Laser & Photonics Reviews, 16(1), 2100171. 


55. Yuan, Z., Wu, P. C., and Y.C. Chen*. (2022). Optical Resonator Enhanced Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis: Fundamental and Recent Progress. Laser & Photonics Reviews, 16(2), 2100202.


54. Jie, R. A., Gong, X., Qiao, Z., and Y.C. Chen*. (2022). Monitoring osmotic pressure with a hydrogel integrated optofluidic microlaser. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 10(21), 8400-8406.

53. Wang, C., Yan, Z., Gong, C., Xie, H., Qiao, Z., Yuan, Z., and Y.C. Chen*. (2022). Multicolor Light Mixing in Optofluidic Concave Interfaces for Anticounterfeiting with Deep Learning Authentication. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14(8), 10927-10935. 

52. Gong X., Zhen Qiao, Yikai Liao, Song Zhu, Lei Shi, Munho Kim, and Y.C. Chen*, "Enzyme‐Programmable Microgel Lasers for Information Encoding and Anticounterfeiting."

Advanced Materials (2022): 2107809.  Journal FRONT COVER

51. Zhang, Y., Wang, Z. and Y.C. Chen*, 2021. Biological tunable photonics: Emerging optoelectronic applications manipulated by living biomaterials. Progress in Quantum Electronics, 80, p.100361 (2021)

50.  Qiao Z., Hongmei Xu, Na Zhang, Xuerui Gong, Chaoyang Gong, Guang Yang, Sing Yian Chew, Changjin Huang, and Y.C. Chen*. "Cellular Features Revealed by Transverse Laser Modes in Frequency Domain." Advanced Science 9, no. 1 (2021): 2103550. 


49. Qiao, Z., Gong, C., Liao, Y., Wang, C., Chan, K.K., Zhu, S., Kim, M. and Y.C. Chen*, 2021. Tunable Optical Vortex from a Nanogroove-Structured Optofluidic Microlaser. Nano letters, 22 (3), 1425-1432 (2021)


48. Gong, Chaoyang, Zhen Qiao, Song Zhu, Wenjie Wang, and Y.C. Chen *. "Self-Assembled Biophotonic Lasing Network Driven by Amyloid Fibrils in Microcavities." ACS Nano 15, no. 9 (2021): 15007-15016.    (2021)

47. Zhiyi Yuan, Xin Cheng, Tsungyu Li, Yunke Zhou, Yifan Zhang, Xuerui Gong, Guo-En Chang, Muhammad D. Birowosuto, Cuong Dang, and Y.C. Chen *  "Light-Harvesting in Biophotonic Optofluidic Microcavities via Whispering-Gallery Modes." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, no. 31 (2021): 36909-36918. (2021)

Selected as Journal Cover

Reported by more than 50 media reports worldwide

46. Wang, Chenlu, Chaoyang Gong, Yifan Zhang, Zhen Qiao, Zhiyi Yuan, Yuan Gong, Guo-En Chang, Wei-Chen Tu, and Y.C. Chen *. "Programmable Rainbow-Colored Optofluidic Fiber Laser Encoded with Topologically Structured Chiral Droplets." ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 7, 11126–11136 (2021).

45. Qiao, Zhen, Wen Sun, Na Zhang, Randall Ang, Wenjie Wang, Sing Yian Chew, and Y.C. Chen *. "Brain Cell Laser Powered by Deep‐Learning‐Enhanced Laser Modes." Advanced Optical Materials (2021): 2101421.(2021)

Selected as FRONT COVER

44. Xuerui Gong, Shilun Feng, Zhen Qiao, Y.-C. Chen*, "Imaging-based Optofluidic Biolaser Array Encapsulated with Dynamic Living Organisms". Anal. Chem. 2021, 93, 14, 5823–5830 (2021)

Reported by more than 10 news outlets

Selected as FRONT COVER

43. Yuan, Z., Zhou, Y., Qiao, Z., Eng Aik, C., Tu, W.C., Wu, X. and and Y.C. Chen *, 2021. Stimulated Chiral Light–Matter Interactions in Biological Microlasers. ACS Nano. 2021, 15, 5, 8965–8975 (2021)

42. Chaoyang Gong, Zhiyi Yuan, Pin Chieh Wu*, and Y.C. Chen *, "Topological Encoded Vector Beams for Monitoring Amyloid‐Lipid Interactions in Microcavity". Advanced Science (2021)

2021, 2100096.

Selected as Journal Cover

41. Qiao, Zhen, Xuerui Gong, Peng Guan, Zhiyi Yuan, Shilun Feng, Yiyu Zhang, Munho Kim, Guo-En Chang, and Y.C. Chen*. "Lasing action in microdroplets modulated by interfacial molecular forces." Advanced Photonics 3, no. 1 (2021): 016003. (2021)

Selected as Journal Front Cover

Reported by more than 50 media reports worldwide

40. Wang, Z., Xu, T., Noel, A., Y.C Chen, and Liu, T., "Applications of liquid crystals in biosensing", Soft Matter, 17(18), pp.4675-4702. (2021)

39. Zhiyi Yuan, Xiaotain Tan, Xuerui Gong, Shilun Feng, Cheng Xin, Qiushu Chen,  Chaoyang Gong,  Xudong Fan, and Y.C. Chen* ,  Nanoscale 13, no. 3 (2021): 1608-1615.


38. Zhang, Yifan, Xuerui Gong, Zhiyi Yuan, Wenjie Wang, and Yu-Cheng Chen. "DNA self-switchable microlaser." ACS Nano 14, no. 11 (2020): 16122-16130.(2020)

Reported by more than 10 medias worldwide

Nano MagazineNewsBreak,   Phys.Org. Photonics Media...

Highlighted by Optics & Photonics News

37. Zhou, Yunk, Zhiyi Yuan, Xuerui Gong, Muhammad D. Birowosuto, Cuong H. Dang, and Y.C. Chen*. "Dynamic photonic barcodes for molecular detection based on cavity-enhanced energy transfer." Advanced Photonics, 2, no. 6 (2020): 066002.  (2020)

Selected as Journal FRONT Cover 

Reported by more than 30 medias worldwide:  Phys. Org. ,  Photonics Media,   Science DailyNewsBreak, AAAS


36. Y.-C. Chen, Xuzhou Li, Hongbo Zhu, Wei-Hung Weng, Xiaotian Tan, Qiushu Chen, Yunlu Sun, Xueding Wang, and Xudong Fan*, "Monitoring Neuron Activities and Interactions via Laser Emissions", ACS Photonics  7, no. 8 (2020): 2182-2189. (2020)

35. Zhiyi Yuan, Xuerui Gong, Yunke Zhou, Xiaotain Tan, Cheng Xin, Chaoyang Gong,  and Y.C. Chen*, "Distinguishing Small Molecules in Microcavity with Laser Polarization", ACS Photonics  2020, 7, 8, 1908–1914  (2020) 

34. Gong, Xuerui, Zhen Qiao, Peng Guan, Shilun Feng, Zhiyi Yuan, Changjin Huang, Guo-En Chang, and Y.C. Chen*. "Hydrogel Microlasers for Versatile Biomolecular Analysis Based on a Lasing Microarray." Advanced Photonics Research 1, no. 1 (2020): 2000041. (2020)


The world's first microlaser array printed by office printer.

Reported by Wiley News Views

33. Qiao, Zhen**, Xuerui Gong, Peng Guan, Zhiyi Yuan, Shilun Feng, Yiyu Zhang, Munho Kim, Guo-En Chang, and Y.C. Chen^. "Lasing action in microdroplets modulated by interfacial molecular forces." Advanced Photonics 3, no. 1 (2021): 016003.


Selected as Journal FRONT Cover

Reported by more than 50 media reports worldwide

32. Daniel Roxby, Hamim Rivy, Chaoyang Gong, Xuerui Gong, G.E. Chang, Y.C. Chen*, "Microalgae Living Sensor for Metal Ion Detection by Nanocavity-enhanced Photoelectrochemistry", Biosensors and Bioelectronics 14.11: 16122-16130. (2020)  

31. Ziyihui Wang, Xuerui Gong, Yifan Zhang, Zhiyi Yuan, Y.C. Chen* , "Bio-Electrostatic Sensitive Droplet Lasers for Molecular Detection", Nanoscale Advances.  2020,2, 2713-2719 (2020)


30. Yifan Zhang, Zhiyi Yuan, Peng Guan, G.E. Chang, Y.C. Chen* , "Tunable Microlasers Modulated by Intracavity Spherical Confinement with Chiral Liquid Crystal", Advanced Optical Materials (2020)


29. Daniel Roxby, Zhiyi Yuan, S. San, G.E. Chang, W.C. Tu, Raymond Lau, Y.C. Chen* , "Enhanced Biophotocurrent Generation in Living Photosynthetic Optical Resonator", Advanced Science.  2020, 7, 1903707. (2020) 

Selected as Journal Cover 

Reported by Photonics Media, Wiley News, etc.

27. Shih, Yi-Hsiang, You-Ling Chen, Jui-Hsin Tan, Sheng Hsiung Chang, Wu-Yih Uen, Shih-Lun Chen, Ming-Yi Lin, Yu-Cheng Chen*, and Wei-Chen Tu*. "Low-Power, Large-Area and High-Performance CdSe Quantum Dots/Reduced Graphene Oxide Photodetectors." IEEE Access  8 (2020): 95855-95863. (2020) 

26. Zhiyi Yuan, Peng Guan, Ziyihui Wang, Y.C. Chen* , "Lasing-Encoded Microsensor Driven by Interfacial Cavity Resonant Energy Transfer".  Advanced Optical Materials  

10.1002/adom.201901596  (2020)

Collections of Hot Topic: Surfaces and Interfaces

Selected as Journal Cover

25. Y. C. Chen* and Xudong Fan*, "Biological Lasers for Biomedical Applications", Advanced Optical Materials, 1900377 (2019)

24. Y.-C. Chen*, et al. Laser Recording of Sub-cellular Neuron Activities, BioRxiv (2019)

23. X. Li, Y. Chin, X. Tan, Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, and X. Fan*, “Ultrasound Modulated Droplet Lasers”. ACS Photonics, 6, 531–537 (2019) 

22. X. Tan, Q, Chen, Y.-C. Chen, and X. Fan*, “   A Fast and Reproducible ELISA Laser Platform for Ultrasensitive Protein Quantification”,   ACS Sensors 

DOI: 10.1021/acssensors.9b01795   (2019)


21. X. Wu, Y. Wang, Q. Chen, Y.-C. Chen, and X. Fan*, “High-Q, low-mode-volume microsphere-integrated Fabry-Pérot cavity for optofluidic lasing applications”.  Photonics Research 7, 50-60 (2019)

Top 10 downloaded articles published in the first quarter of 2019



20. Y.-C. Chen, A. Nadeem, Q. Chen, and X. Fan*, “Chromatin Laser Imaging Reveals Metabolic Studies in Colon Tissue”. Biomedical Optics Express 10, 838-854 (2019)



19. X. Tan, D. Anu, J. Day, H. Tan, Y.-C. Chen, A. Shikanov, and X. Fan*, “Rapid Mouse FSH Quantification and Estrus Cycle Analysis Using an Automated Microfluidic Chemiluminescent ELISA System”. ACS Sensors (2018)


18.  X. Wu, Q. Chen, Y.-C. Chen, B. Wu, R. Coleman, L. Tong, and X. Fan*, “Nanowire lasers as intracellular probes”, Nanoscale, (2018)

17. Y.-C. Chen, X. Tan, Q. Chen, R. Coleman, and X. Fan*, “A Robust Tissue Lasing System for Cancer Diagnosis and DNA Analysis of FFPE Tumor Biopsy”. Lab. Chip, 18(3)  (2018)


16.  Y.-C. Chen, X. Tan, Q. Sun, Q. Chen, and X. Fan*, “Laser-emission imaging for high contrast cancer screening and immuno-diagnosis”. Nature Biomed. Eng. 1(9) (2017) Top 0.1%

Featured as “Behind the paper” in Nature BME.

Reported by Nature 

Reported by Nature Methods

Reported by Electro Optics 

15.  Q. Chen, Y.-C. Chen, Z. Zhang, B. Wu, R. Colman, and X. Fan*, “An Integrated Microwell Array Platform for Cell Lasing Analysis”, Lab. Chip (2017) IF: 6.1 n/m=7%


14.  Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, W. Wang, T. Zhang, and X. Fan*, “Versatile Tissue Lasers based on High-Q Microcavities”, Lab Chip, 17, 538-548 (2017)


13.  Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Lasing in Blood”, Optica, 3(8) 809-815. (2016) 

Featured as Journal Cover.

Top downloads of the year.  

More than 30 media coverages worldwide:


“The New Scientists”, “RSC-Chemistry World”,

“Daily Mail”, “BioOptics World”, “Phys. Org.”,

“Science-Alert”,“Michigan Engineering”, “Mirrors”,

“Singapore News”, “Francais-Express”,

“Digital Trends”, “YAHOO News!”, “MedGadget”,

“Truebreaking-news”, “i-Tech Post”, “Engadget”,

“Futurism”, “Big Ten Network”, etc.


12.  Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Optofluidic Chlorophyll Lasers”, Lab Chip, 16, 2228-2235. (2016) IF: 6.9


Selected as HOT Article

Reported by LOC Blogs



11.  K.-S. Brink*+, Y.-C. Chen+, Y. Wu, D.-B. Shieh, R.-R. Reisz, C.-K. Sun, “Dietary Adaptions in the Ultrastructure of Dinosaur Dentine via Harmonic Generation Microscopy”, J. R. Soc. Interface  13-25 (2016) 


Featured as Journal Cover Story by Royal Society of Chemistry


10.  Y.-C. Chen, Y. Wu, K. Brink, D.-B. Shieh, R.-R. Reisz, C.-K. Sun*, “Third Harmonic Generation Microscopy Reveals Dental Anatomy in Ancient Fossils”, Opt. Lett. 40(7): 1354-1357 (2015)

       Highlighted by Optics & Photonics News


9.  Y.-C. Chen, H.-C. Hsu, Y.-H. Cheng, C.-K. Sun*, “Third Harmonic Generation Susceptibility Spectroscopy in Free Fatty Acids”, J. Biomed. Opt., 9:095013 (2015)


8. M.-Y. Lin, T.-H. Tsai, Y.-L. Kang, Y.-C. Chen, Y.-H. Huang, L.-A. Wang, and S.-C. Lee, “Design and Fabrication of Birefringent Nano-grating Structure for Circularly Polarized Light Emission”, Opt. Express, 2 (7).  (2014)


7. M.-Y. Lin, Y.-L. Kang, Y.-C. Chen, L.-A. Wang, C.-C. Wu and S.-C. Lee, “Plasmonic ITO-Free Polymer Solar Cell”, Opt. Express, 52(S2).   (2014)


6. Y.-C. Chen*, Y.-T. Chang, H.H. Chen, F.-T. Chuang and S.-C. Lee, "Enhanced Transmission of Higher Order Plasmon Modes with Random Au Nanoparticles in Periodic Hole Arrays," IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., Vol.25 No.1,  (2013)


5. Y.-T. Chang*, Y.-C. Chen, M.-R. Tang, W.-C. Chi, M.-H. Tsai, “Emission Enhancement in Tri-Layer Ag/SiO2/Ag Plasmonic Thermal Emitter by Using Hexagonal Dimple Array as Top Layer”, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., 25 (14), (2013)


4. C.-H. Cheng, Y.-C. Chen, H.-H. Chen and S.-C. Lee*, “Improved Performance of Plasmonic Thermal Emitter via Incorporation of Gold Nanoparticles”, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., 25(17).  (2013)


3. Y.-C. Chen*, H.-H. Hsiao, C.-T. Lu, H.-H. Chen, H.-C. Chang and S.-C. Lee, "Effect of Paired Apertures in a Periodic Hole Array on Higher Order Plasmon Modes’’, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., Vol.24 No.22. (2012) 


2. C.-T. Huang, Y.-C. Chen and S.-C. Lee*, “Improved photoresponse of InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors by using GaAs1-xSbx strain reducing layer”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 100 (4) (2012)


          APL Top Frontier News 

          Editor’s Top Picks of in 2012


1. F.-T. Chuang, P.-Y. Chen, Y.-W. Jiang, M. Farhat, H.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Chen and Si-Chen Lee*, ‘‘Nanoprojection Lithography Using Self-Assembled Interference Modules for Manufacturing Plasmonic Gratings’’, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., (2012)





Conference Proceedings


Y.-C. Chen, “Laser Emission Microscopy: A Novel Tool for High-contrast Cancer Screening with Nuclear Biomarkers ”, CLEO ‘18, San Jose, USA, 2018 (Invited Talk)


Y.-C. Chen *, “Applications of Bio-lasers in Cellular and Tissue Analysis”, Gordon Research Conference ’18, New Hemisphere, USA, 2018  (Invited Talk)



Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Optofluidic cell and tissue lasers and their novel biomedical applications”, SPIE Photonics West ’18, San Francisco, USA, 2018  (Invited Talk)



Y.-C. Chen*, “Optofluidic Tissue Lasers: Potential Applications in Biomedicine”, International Conference on Optofluidics ’17, Singapore, 2017  (Invited Talk)



Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Multiplexed Subcellular Lasing in Cancerous Tissue for Molecular Diagnostics”, CLEO ‘17, San Jose, USA, 2017  (Oral, Special symposium)



Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Neuron Lasers: Calcium Imaging of Spontaneous Neuronal Activities”, CLEO ‘17, San Jose, USA, 2017 (Oral)   “Highly competitive Postdeadline accepted paper, < 10 % acceptance”



Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, W. Wang, T. Zhang, X. Fan*, “Multiplexed Lasing in Tissues”, SPIE Photonics West ‘17, San Francisco, USA, 2017  (Oral Presentation)



Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Biologically Inspired Optofluidic Lasers via Chlorophylls”, CLEO ‘16, San Jose, USA, 2016  (Oral)


Y.-C. Chen, Q. Chen, X. Fan*, “Optofluidic Lasers in Blood”, CLEO ‘16, San Jose, USA, 2016 (Oral Presentation)

“Highly competitive Postdeadline accepted paper, < 10 % acceptance”


H.-C. Gao, Y.-C. Chen, C.-M. Lee, and C.-K. Sun, “Visualize susceptibility information with third harmonic generation microscopy and spectroscopy,” Focus on Microscopy (FOM 2016), Taipei, Taiwan (2016).


Y.-C. Chen*, C.-K. Sun, Y. Wu, D.-B. Shieh and R.R. Reisz, “3D Visualization of Dental Anatomy in Ancient Fossil by Using Third Harmonic Generation Microscopy”, CLEO ‘14, San Jose, USA, 2014  (Oral Presentation)

Chosen as Topical Highlight by OSA


S.-Y. Lee*, Y.-H. Lai, K.-C. Huang, Y.-C. Chen, C.-K. Sun , “Realization of Multiphoton Photoacoustic Microscopy via a Loss Modulation Technique”, CLEO ‘14, San Jose, USA, 2014


Y.-C. Chen*, H.-H. Hsiao, C.-T. Lu, H.-H. Chen, H.-C. Chang and S.-C. Lee, “Enhancing the transmission of higher order plasmon modes through periodic hole array with paired apertures as the basis”, The 3rd International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics, (META’12) Paris, Apr. 2012 (Oral Presentation)


Y.-C. Chen*, C.-K. Sun, Y. Wu, D.-B. Shieh, T.-D. Huang and R.-R. Reisz, “Harmonic Generation Microscopic Imaging Studies for Ancient Dinosaur Fossils”, International Conference on Optics and Photonics in Taiwan, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, Dec. 2013 (Oral Presentation)


Y.-C. Chen*, H.-C. Hsu, Y.-H. Cheng, C.-K. Sun*, “Third Order Susceptibility Studies of Resonance Enhancement in Free Fatty Acids by Vibrational Second Overtones and Combinational Bands of CH2 Group”, International Conference on Biomedical Molecular Imaging, Taipei , Nov. 2014


C.-H Cheng, Y.-C. Chen, H.H Chen, S.C Lee, “Enhanced Emission of Plasmonic Thermal Emitter by Incorporating Annealed Gold Nanoparticles via Periodic Hole Arrays”, (META’13) Dubai, May. 2013


Y.-C. Chen and J.-I. Chyi*, “Activation energy studies for type II InAs/GaAs quantum dots solar cells with GaAs1-xSbx as stain-reducing layer”, The 1st Science Symposium for Young Scientists in NCU, Taoyuan, Taiwan,  June, 2010 (Best Outstanding Poster Award)


 C.-T. Huang, Y.-C. Chen and Si-Chen Lee*, “Photoresponse improvement of InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors using GaAs1-xSbx overgrown layer”, The 5th International Conference on Solid State Devices, Japan, July, 2011

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