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Welcome to Prof. Chen's Research Group in Nanyang Technological University!


Postdoc Research Fellow in Optofluidics/ Micro-Nano lasers/ Cell Sorting /Stem Cell


We are looking for 2 postdoc positions who can help develop optical micro/nano laser devices for cellular sorting and cell detection.


-- Position 1: Expertise in Photonics and Lasers. Will be in charge of development of novel laser devices at the microscale to nanoscale. This includes optical resonators, nanophotonics, and light-matter interaction with biophotonic materials. No need for biological background.

--Position 2: Expertise in Cell sorting, Cell biology, Stem cell. Will be in charge of neural stem cell experiments and cell sorting. It will be a plus if the candidate has experience in organoids. No need for optical background.


With the strength in our lab, we will develop bio-lasers in optofluidic devices to achieve high precision and multiscale stem cell sorting and biosensing. However, it is not only limited to current biolasers approach, we also welcome applicants to develop novel optical sensing mechanism for biosensing. Eventually we expect to develop an integrated biochip and work with neural stem cell and organoid/spheroid samples.


Job requirement:

1. A Ph.D. degree in the field of photonics, physics, optical biosensing, or biomedical engineering.

2. Preferred to have publications related to optical biosensing/ sorting, or stem cell on well-known journals.

3. Experiences in optofluidics, optical system building, cellular experiments, cell sorting device, and biochip devices will be a plus.

4. Position 1 needs to help maintain the optical laser system, therefore experience with optical systems is very important. Position 2 needs to help maintain cell room and prepare stem cells, organoids, collaborate with labs in School of Biomedical Engineering.

*Please send your CV to

*Only qualified candidates will be informed.

We are an intelligent lab under the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering & School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering in NTU, SG. Our lab is dedicated to developing novel micro-nano bio-integrated lasers for the next generation biomedical applications, including nanophotonic biochips, bioimaging, and medical diagnosis. This is an emerging field which integrates the beauty of lasers, optofluidics, biophotonics, plasmonics, metasurface, electronics, machine learning, devices, and biomedicine. We sincerely welcome all backgrounds to join us.

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